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NewLeafe Management Team

Oscar Brush, Director

Regional  Acquisitions

National Property Management &  Oversight

The key to superior property fund management and performance is superior research and due diligence prior to and during the time of purchase.  The NewLeafe Team has the necessary resources to put this belief into practice.  Our acquisitions team originates, structures, and purchases strategic housing properties focusing on initial returns and value enhancement potential.  Our structuring expertise and decades of experience enables our team to respond dramatically to changing market conditions and to capitalize on opportunities in the "target rich" environment created by current economic conditions.  A Highly Motivated team with expertise in Affordable Housing, Real Estate, Management and Operations, Investing, and Appraisals.

William Cox, Vice President

National Operations

Real Property & Marketing

Eric Tomko, Vice President

Marketing, Investor Relations

Todd Neary, Vice President

Real Property, Commercial Valuation

Jason May, President

Real Property & Equity

Capital Investment Relations

Dan Kiely, Chairman

Real Property & Law

Affordable Housing Specialist