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NewLeafe  was founded when a group of friends and family combined properties they had owned into a newly formed entity.  The result was the creation of a real estate "fund", taking advantage of the greater multiples, benefits of the diverse holdings, and economies of scale.........

The Opportunity

 The current economic environment provides an unusual opportunity.  Our infrastructure makes it work.  The factors at work are: (1) the capital starved economy resulting in an extreme "buyers market" (2) the lack of exit strategies for "mom and pop" mobile home park, apartment and house owners, (3) our existing management infrastructure, and (4) our knowledge and experience in the field.

The Objective

Our vision is the creation of a company, well funded, owning diverse properties and postured to acquire many more.  We believe that in a fund format, the value of our equity is much greater, the downside is softened by the diversity, and the exit strategies are more abundant.

Exit Strategy

Our investors want passive income backed by hard assets.  We will hold properties for income.  We will "flip" properties for gain.  Sales will occur as individual properties provide capital gains prospects where the capital can be redeployed at better yields.