NewLeafe's Philosophy is a no frills approach based on thoughtful planning coupled with forward thinking from a solid platform of knowledge, expertise and proven performance.


NewLeafe utilizes an experienced, informed, success oriented, motivated Management Team and Staff that are highly adept at minimizing risk, keeping our operating costs low  and maximizing resources while maintaining an atmosphere of  professionalism, cooperation and transparency .  We believe this is a winning formula for success and growth.

NewLeafe  focuses on acquiring affordable housing properties.  These properties, always in short supply, are particularly attractive in today's difficult economic times.  We pool capital with other like-minded investors in order to own assets they could not attain individually because of the magnitude of capital investment, the requirement for professional management, and the exigencies of the complex US legal and tax systems.

We also tailor unique investments for the individual investor, a group, or clients  of a specific financial adviser.


Welcome to NewLeafe Property Fund.....Applying a "hands on" investment strategy combined with a highly experienced leadership team....navigating through a rapidly ever changing real estate climate.

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